Seminar acted films strengthen the learning impact


People love listening to a well-told story. If this story is then believably brought to life, even dry course units can become remarkable. Think about seminars for personnel management, sales training, or training sessions about the right customer contact. A scenic representation with believable actors or authentic employees provides a significant broadening of perspectives for any employee training session or recruitment video.

Sensitive topics in an employee training session

How do your employees communicate? How do you handle employees and what image do you convey to the outside world? What makes for a good working atmosphere, and at which point does collegial affection turn into harassment?
Many topics related to modern internal training and company teaching exercises fall within the psychologically sensitive categories of employee communication and customer communication. Seminars or training sessions which deal with these issues require a special level of expertise in the field of authentic scenic performances. These are sensitive topics which rely on fine nuances. Non-verbal communication is often relevant and such gestures should be displayed. Such situations, for example when it comes to mandatory training, can be realistically developed and convincingly portrayed by StudioSeminar.

Example of employee communication
How far can I go?
This video features three short scenes about an employee’s conflict of interest. To what extent can his friendship with a business associate influence his behaviour within the company? Where are the friendship limits? The scenes are part of a compliance training exercise which increases the awareness that employees of a company have regarding these questions.

A team with experience

Our employees are able to provide evidence of their expertise in the film industry across various cinematic and television productions. We are happy to offer our customers this expertise in staged presentation, performance management, and casting as well as equipment, costumes, and make-up in the form of individual seminar films.

Workflow example
The checklist
StudioSeminar produced a six-part seminar film for Asklepios Kliniken GmbH. We worked with our customer to develop six short, acted scenes and recorded them at the original location, where the course of an operation is depicted with a focus on safety standards. The films are used to train employees.

Which plans do you have for the scenic presentation of your teaching content? Share your vision with us or ask us about our ideas for your topic.

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