Our customers are specialists

They possess particular information and specialised knowledge. They wish to pass on this knowledge. For example, to their customers by means of an explanation film, an image clip, a company video, a video presentation, or a YouTube video.

Our customers have complex structures

They want to expand their employee’s level of expertise. They would like to provide their colleagues with information. Recallable at any time. They use presentations, training sessions, seminars, and development exercises for this. StudioSeminar can add to this with the offer of seminar recordings, online presentations, video training, e-learning, and blended learning content.

Our customers are communicative

They want the right hand to know what the left hand is doing within their company. And they would like this company communication to be carried out personally and at any time, even in other parts of the world. Without, however, forcing someone to get up earlier or stay up later. For example, by means of recallable video presentations or video training by employees for their colleagues.

Our customers are creative

They may possess their own potential for performers, speakers, PowerPoint specialists, and designers. We offer them support for their employee’s skills through our consultation, planning, and the coordination of their projects on the internet, YouTube, or other video platforms.

Our customers need to train and educate their employees

In order to make mandatory training informative and entertaining despite being an obligation, we provide intriguing animations and authentic acted scenes and dialogues for their training seminars.

Our customers create learning programmes

They offer learning management systems and e-learning platforms. We deliver the content. Acted scenes, dialogues, moderation contributions, animations, comics, and explanation films.

Our customers are seeking new employees

They would like their first contact with a future employee to be personal and authentic, as this makes the company seem friendly and interesting to the qualified candidate. We can produce an authentic recruitment video for this purpose.

Our customers would like to present

StudioSeminar supports them wholeheartedly every step of the way. We show them that they can do more than they might realise. And we help them understand how to deal with their audience and the camera. We qualify speakers into video speakers or online speakers and support consultants with media training.