Ralph Misske, director, actor, and founder of StudioSeminar, provides you with an overview of our video production’s offerings and services in this short presentation.
The presentation was filmed using a green screen. The virtual studio room is only lightly hinted at by means of the flooring. The monitor surface spans almost the entire background.

Information – Personal and online


Jodie Ahlborn, actress and presenter, explains how we record and edit your presentation or seminar.
The presentation was filmed using a green screen. The virtual studio room is only lightly hinted at through the colour gradient. A monitor surface is located next to the speaker, in the classic manner.

Premium with virtual studio


An extract from the range of seminars conducted by an institute in Munich with a local area as the background image, broadcasted from the ‘company studio’.
Studio recording using green screen. Two parallel streams in the exclusive virtual studio with a view. With a ‘belt’ in the middle and an intro/outro with music.

A didactic extension


A speaker uses unusual technology to audibly present his small studio guests.
Recorded in our studio using the side-by-side method. In the second section, the streams are swapped and a special audio track is used.

Explaining and acting


StudioSeminar recorded a training film for the didactic mediation of a security system. We worked with Asklepios hospitals to develop six short, acted scenes and recorded them at the original location, where the course of an operation is depicted with a focus on safety standards. The films are used to train and educate employees.

Special format


See further visualisation options on the monitor here. The 2.6:1 aspect ratio allows the speaker to remain consistently visible next to his 16:9 presentation. […] Continue Reading …

Old friends


This compliance video is intended to raise employee awareness at an international company of how to handle internal information carefully. Even and particularly when they meet old friends. The recording took place in our green screen studio. The background is the customer’s own greenhouse.

Reading and dictating


Here, the speaker builds on longstanding methods using modern technology. StudioSeminar supports speakers using a type of overhead application and while reading aloud. A diverse learning situation is effected here using simple methods. Side-by-side recording. Two parallel visible streams and a simple background for the speaker.

Compliance video


Three short acted scenes in front of a green screen. This relates to an employee’s conflict of interest. Where are the friendship limits? The scenes are part of a compliance training exercise which increases the awareness that employees of a company have regarding such questions.

Our basic product

An authentic performance

A psychologist describes her work.
Recording in front of green screen with overlays.
Such a very personal and authentic presentation can usually be easily produced in the clients’ own rooms. Also with a digitally inserted individual background that matches the design of one’s own website, for example.

The personal presentation


An artist introduces herself.
Studio recording in front of a white background on a black floor. Picture fade-in, music. […] Continue Reading …