Sensual movements


Animation (lat. animatio) means to enliven

If we determine with you – our customer – that your presentation could do with a little more movement here or there, then we will breathe new life into it.
We offer moving images of every sort: We exhaust every possibility within PowerPoint, create short cartoon explanation videos, or produce complex animation films.
StudioSeminar will find the right way to illustrate your information appropriately and vividly.

The Comical: An animated comic strip

We illustrated an interesting narration by a speaker about the different international thresholds for blood glucose levels using an animated comic. This remains in the viewers’ memory.
The components of this type of work are the development of the specific process, the drawing, and the actual animation. In this case, you can hear the audio of the lecturer.

Remix: Constructive ideas

Sometimes, old classics get lost in the PPT templates of our customers who cannot easily leave the legal vacuum of an internal presentation by means of the video publication. We thus offer the option of drawing the theme internally, changing it, and providing it with its own creative momentum – as in the present case which involved the connection between health and movement.

A 3D model for risk analysis

There are academic seminars whereby a 3D visualisation is not just desirable but absolutely necessary for understanding. In this example, we added a 3D animation retrospectively.

Room functions: A room with a view

If our customers would like to show things which do not yet exist or which cannot be filmed in an ideal manner, we can offer a 3D animation. This room with a constant view of the water can now be found underway at sea as shown or similarly.

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