Presentation training in front of the camera

Performance training with a flight simulator

»StudioSeminar specialises in personal presentation in front of the camera. While recording, you won’t just have our professional equipment at your disposal, but, if desired, you’ll also receive our comprehensive, specialised consultation or coaching for your personal presentation. Furthermore, we also offer very flexible presentation training, whereby the content goes far beyond the immediate use for online presentation.
Ralph Misske, director, actor, and founder of StudioSeminar, explains his approach for additional, effective training here.

Performing in front of others isn’t easy for most people, regardless of whether this involves a presentation, a conference, or a formal talk. The modern realisation that truly banal fears are at play has helped us on. However, this realisation does not solve the immediate problem.

Without ignoring the psychological backdrop, I adopt a very practical approach when it comes to working with my customers. If so many people have difficulties with this, then there’s no reason to hide from the problem.
We simply need to practise.

A sportsmanlike approach

After all, public speaking and presenting is under no circumstances a matter of course in our very individual society.

This must be learned, just like a sport.
And you can’t get good at your sport without practicing.
This is exactly what I offer. We practice, we rehearse. This means we try things out. There is no single recipe which applies to everyone. People are (thankfully) far too individual for this.

An individual path

Everyone has their own mode of expression and their own source of strength. I will observe you and share with you what I have learned and experienced over my long career as an actor and director. During our collaboration, I will find a way to improve your skills in free and natural speech and to develop your expressiveness. Whether your objective is to create a presentation video, speak in an auditorium, or carry out a confident two-person discussion with a business associate, you are sure to benefit from this training.

A discrete public sphere

Working with our camera is thereby good practice as well as an additional challenge. Regardless of whether we will be recording a video presentation with you or not. After all, this camera suggests a public sphere and helps you to imagine how presenting will feel.

Incidentally, it also shows us the results.
Using the camera during training is therefore a bit like a flight simulator:
We experience all the highs and lows of an emergency, but we cannot crash.«

Ralph Misske