The first step toward a perfect webinar

The preparation of your seminar recording

Presentation consultation and optimisation

Before we record your presentation, seminar, or webinar, we take some time to get to know you.
We analyse which type of recording is the right one for you. StudioSeminar offers various price structures and will present you with a clear plan.
We will provide you with valuable notes regarding how best to deliver your presentation in front of the camera, and we will advise you regarding the use and arrangement of your media, particularly when it comes to presentation technology.

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The structure of your presentation – the impact mechanism

The structure, concept, and dramatic composition of your presentation as an overall presence are the first impact factors for which we can provide you support as you create your video tutorial or video presentation. Our professional outside perspective will help you to avoid mistakes and will encourage you to stay off the beaten path. We will give you fresh, effective momentum.

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Optimise PowerPoint – the right dose

During the preparation phase, we can read through and edit your PPT or keynote presentation and develop proposals for optimisation. In order to prevent excessive text, we can use more concise texts – under consideration of your spoken word – to get the point across more efficiently and deliver visual alternatives. StudioSeminar uses the wealth of tools from your presentation programme and offers additional content such as images, 3D animations, and short, animated, or live-action videos. An additional benefit to you: Following the recording, you will have the optimised slides to use in future training sessions or lectures.

People as the focus – the right presence

A good presentation is significantly dependent on the presenter. Before the recording, we will send you valuable tips and notes regarding your presence in front of the camera. We will show you how to easily improve your performance by following a few rules and how you can then perform with more confidence and impact. Furthermore, we are also happy to provide you with professional training or a comprehensive presentation course. You will be in capable hands with the experienced directors, actors, and filmmakers in our team.

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