The final step toward a perfect webinar


Video editing, post-production, and application


The edit

Your presentation’s journey from recording to release on the internet is at least as exciting as the recording itself. A good edit can significantly improve your presentation, and seminar recordings require a special type of video editing. StudioSeminar focuses on creating the most eloquent speech flow possible. Our side-by-side process enables quick and effective results.

We first ‘clean’ the presentation. We remove any interruptions, repetitions, obvious errors, and slips from the content. This is a basic obligation.

The challenge starts when we go freestyle: During eloquence editing, we strive for stringent speech flow. Whenever possible, we remove redundancies and phrasing issues which went unnoticed during the live presentation or which weren’t caught in the studio. We provide the speaker with a natural eloquence which speeds up the presentation, strengthening its impact. For this purpose, our cutters use their excellent ear for speech nuances and their feel for speaking rhythm.


… is the production which follows the recording. During this process we may, for example, add elements with which you can optimise your presentation retrospectively.

This could be video animations or additional explanation films which were not yet part of your talk or your PowerPoint presentation. For example, interesting 3D animations, acted scenes, dialogues, or other video content.
You will learn more about it on the page TRAINING VIDEOS.

Slide 1

Subtitulamos vuestra presentación
en los idiomas mas comunes

Slide 2

Biz sizin sunumu her tür genel
altyazı dilleriyle hazırlıyoruz

Slide 3


Slide 4

Wir untertiteln Ihre Präsentation
in alle gängigen Sprachen

Slide 5

We will subtitle your presentation
to all common languages

Slide 6


During post-production, we also smooth out colours and sound so that your video seminar or your online presentation is uniform. Your video seminar or your online training will be available following an in-depth quality check.

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The application – the step toward the public sphere

We’ll still be with you as you integrate your product into the respective environment. Talk to us about the applications of the respective functions on YouTube or Vimeo. We will help you with any questions about integrating our media in websites or put you in touch with our reliable partners, so you can use an amazing learning content management system.

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