3, 2, 1, live

Everything was ready for the recording. We had a go-live for the internet. Guests who were unable to make it to the Mövenpick in Berlin would still be able to watch the presentation. Questions would be possible via chat. An assistant would be reading them from an iPad, and the specialist for hepatology would be answering them directly. We were on site with two cameras, plenty of tech, and five highly qualified individuals.
And then the hotel projector broke. 5 minutes before the presentation was set to begin.
A hotel technician went on the search for a new device while my colleagues attempted a repair. I thought to myself, it actually doesn’t matter where the source of the issue is within this chain. Ultimately, the production is at fault. In other words, me. I stood there and tried to radiate calm. The hotel’s other projector was in use at another event. Procuring and installing an external device would likely take hours. The rows began to fill with unsuspecting participants. My job was to allow the employees to work undisturbed. I thought of the great Brecht quote: “We can’t rush – we don’t have the time!”

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